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Everybody Looks Bad in Breitbart Reporter Flap

What else should we expect from the reality TV campaign?

Nate Jackson · Mar. 30, 2016

Former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields filed charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who Trump’s own security video proves grabbed Fields’ arm and pulled her away from the candidate. Lewandowski has now been charged with misdemeanor battery. And in short, everybody in the whole episode looks bad.

Fields ended up making a mountain out of a mole hill, and left Breitbart because the news organization didn’t sufficiently back her. But to be fair, as Fox News’ Megyn Kelly noted, “She didn’t want to file a federal case over it. … She wanted an apology. Then they attacked her and said she was delusional and suggested she made the whole thing up and tried to question prior reporting and demanded to know why she didn’t file a police report. … And what did she do the next day? She went and filed the police report.”

Lewandowski looks like somewhat of a thug, who lied about the incident and called Fields “delusional.” He then refused to express the slightest bit of regret when the video evidence is plain to see.

Trump backed his man by going on offense, turning the attack around on Fields. Along with dragging Ted Cruz’s wife into the flap over his own wife, Trump looks more like a misogynist than ever, which will make it all the more difficult to win over women in the general election.

Cruz repeatedly used the word “assault” instead of “battery” to describe the incident. Being a lawyer he should know better, which means it’s pretty clearly a transparent pander for votes. Trump likewise used the word “assault” for the same reason — sympathy for his side.

The Leftmedia generate more ad revenue for covering a minor dustup with wall-to-wall coverage, proving again they’d love nothing more than for Trump to be the nominee. Consider why that might be.

But honestly, what else should we expect when the frontrunner is a reality TV star?

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