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Hillary's Childcare Proposal Will Only Harm Kids

Clinton said she'd expand the childcare programs Obama started.

Dan Gilmore · May 31, 2016

As part of her platform, Hillary Clinton says she’d expand the childcare programs that Barack Obama started. She’s campaigning on expanding the amount of public funding going to pre-K and childcare, saying that it would help with education and “strengthen families and communities.” It takes a village, right? Of course, it wouldn’t be a Clinton platform without the obligatory dig at Republicans, who see government childcare subsidies as a wasteful line item. Not to mention unconstitutional.

Unfortunately for Clinton, Republicans aren’t the only people questioning the wisdom of government-run childcare. Jonathan Gruber — yes, the Jonathan Gruber — just co-authored a paper that took a critical look at Quebec’s childcare system. As one of the main architects of ObamaCare, Gruber, you might remember, caused Democrats quite a bit of heartburn in 2014 when video of him surfaced admitting ObamaCare only became law because Democrats deceived the American people. Sounds similar to the modus operandi of the Iran nuke deal.

Well, the MIT professor in economics is once again causing his fellow liberals troubles. When it came to Quebec’s universal childcare program, Gruber and the National Bureau of Economic Research found it did little to improve children’s cognitive ability. Instead, universal childcare produced children who were less healthy, less happy and who more often turned to crime.

They say the government managing the Sahara Desert would soon have a shortage of sand. But by all means, let’s listen to Clinton and throw more money at a program that places the government in charge of caring for children during their most formative years. What could go wrong?

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