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Senate Ignores Defense Bill Veto Threat

Congress is working toward giving the Pentagon a budget.

National Security Desk · Jun. 15, 2016

In an 85-13 vote, the Senate Tuesday advanced a defense policy bill that appropriates $602 billion in spending, would allow women in combat, and would prohibit the Obama administration from closing Guantanamo Bay prison. The key takeaway: Congress is working toward giving the Pentagon a budget for the next fiscal year despite a veto threat from Barack Obama. The nanny in chief is still holding onto hope that he can fill his campaign promise to close Guantanamo Bay, despite knowing released Gitmo prisoners have gone on to kill Americans.

As commentator Ed Morrissey writes, “Not even Democrats seem all that impressed with a veto threat from Barack Obama these days. … The NDAA ended up with 39 Democrats backing it. If Obama does issue a veto, it would only take 13 Democrats to overcome it, assuming Republicans in the Senate fell in line. If not, then it would take 19 of the Democrats who voted for the bill to override the veto — less than half of its current support.”

Because the House passed a variation of the defense bill, the two chambers must meet and resolve the differences. The House version gives the Pentagon $18 billion more than the Senate’s version. Unlike the House, the Senate voted to require women to register for the draft, turning the Military into a societal Petri dish, which is what progressives like Obama want.

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