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Another Year, Another ObamaCare Rate Increase

The most inexpensive plans in the system won't be so inexpensive.

Dan Gilmore · Jun. 16, 2016

The ObamaCare plans on the silver level — the most inexpensive plans in the system — are expected to increase premium costs by 10% next year in 14 major cities, according to analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Because silver plans are the least expensive, they are the plans most Americans choose. Additionally, Kaiser predicts more health insurers will leave ObamaCare, reducing the amount of competition in the system. Of course, the bureaucrats are dismissive of the sticker shock that will hit everyday Americans when open enrollment starts in November. They say the government will pick up the slack through subsidies — and people can shop around for a better price.

But as Investor’s Business Daily opines, shopping for health insurance means shopping for a new doctor. Furthermore, Americans in Alaska, Wyoming and Alabama will only have one insurance provider for their state. And do we really have to explain why handing out subsidies like candy is a bad idea for the nation’s health care system? As we wrote in April, ObamaCare is nearing its point of failure, and another administration will have to clean up Barack Obama’s mess.

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