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Previously Suppressed Details of Paris Attack Emerge

A good government shouldn't seek to hide the nature of an enemy from its citizens.

Thomas Gallatin · Jul. 16, 2016
Bataclan Concert Hall

Graphic and socking details of what the victims of the Bataclan Concert Hall terrorist attack in Paris last November suffered have recently come to light. A French government committee recently heard testimony that many of the victims were tortured. This information had been suppressed by the French government until it was released this week. Here are some excerpts from that testimony detailing the gruesome torture these victims faced. WARNING: These details are very graphic:

Q. For the information of the Commission of Inquiry … can you tell us how you learned that there had been acts of barbarism with the Bataclan: beheadings, evisceration, eyes gouged out…?

Investigator: After the assault, we were with colleagues at the passage Saint-Pierre Amelot when I saw weeping from one of our colleagues who came outside to vomit. He told us what he had seen.

Q. Acts of torture happened on the second floor?

A. Bodies have not been presented to families because there were beheaded people there, the murdered people, people who have been disemboweled. There are women who had their genitals stabbed.

Q. All this would have been videotaped for Daesh?

A. I believe so. Survivors have said so.

This disturbing testimony of the atrocities committed at the hands of these Islamic terrorists is beyond reason. Sadly, the French government sought to suppress this information. The question is, why was the government seeking to keep this information from reaching the public? Even the families of victims were kept in the dark about what happened. A good government should seek to protect its citizens from enemies, both foreign and domestic, not hide the nature of an enemy from its citizens.

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