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Don't Believe the Anti-Gun Hype

Recently touted gun ownership survey is not what it seems.

Culture Beat · Sep. 23, 2016

News of a survey on gun ownership in America conducted by Harvard and Northeastern universities is being touted by several Leftmedia outlets for information that indicates the percentage of overall gun ownership to be smaller than what has often been assumed. The number that has gun-control enthusiasts most excited is the estimate that only 3% of Americans own half of guns in the U.S. The implication is that gun ownership is only prevalent among a tiny minority, thus making gun control more palatable. Trouble is this survey will not be officially released until fall of 2017. Evidently, Americans will just have to trust the media’s word on this. The surge in gun sales throughout Barack Obama’s time in office one can be excused for being skeptical of this survey’s numbers.

Traditionally, gun owners have had good reason to avoid being forthcoming with their gun ownership. If someone were seeking to take something away from you, would you volunteer information about it? Sean Davis writes, “When it comes to random strangers demanding answers from gun owners on how many and what kinds of guns they own, gun owners are going to lie, they’re going to do it with extreme prejudice, and they’re going to do it for sound reasons. As the coverage of this poll demonstrates, nobody who calls your home asking how many guns you own has your best interest in mind. Most gun owners know this.”

Don’t be surprised to hear these survey statics bandied about as if they were the gospel truth on American gun ownership. The Left is simply looking for yet another angle to further its quest of undermining the Second Amendment.

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