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Clinton's Environmental Cleanup

The League of Conservation Voters plotted to do whatever it took to nominate Hillary.

Jordan Candler · Oct. 31, 2016

This sure won’t silence the chatter from the Bernie Sanders fan club that claims the system is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. The unearthing of hacked emails from WikiLeaks appears to reveal evidence of more collusion — this time courtesy of the League of Conservation Voters, which plotted to do whatever it took to rally behind Clinton. That conclusion is supplemented by the fact the group offered her a do-over after she turned in a weak environmental questionnaire.

The findings were dug up by Emily Atkin, who reports, “LCV sent the Clinton campaign a questionnaire in May 2015, asking her position on at least 20 key issues including climate change, Arctic drilling and the Keystone XL pipeline. The Clinton campaign replied to the questionnaire in mid-June. But in July, the Clinton campaign received a response from LCV executive Tiernan Sittenfeld, who said many of the answers on the questionnaire were not good enough.”

The biggest sticking point was Clinton’s shifty position on Keystone XL. LCV executive Tiernan Sittenfeld wrote, “It’s good to see her moving in the right direction. But it’s hard to imagine we can move forward until she makes clear she now opposes KXL.” Despite the group’s concern, Sanders — the more established ecofascist — was snubbed anyway. In fact, LCV gave Clinton another chance to fortify her environmental credentials.

In addition to demanding she “explicitly oppose Arctic Ocean and mid-Atlantic drilling” and “support regulating existing sources of methane,” Sittenfeld said, “We very much hope that the attached questionnaire can be strengthened.” And as Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw explains, Clinton pivoted to where the political winds were blowing: “In September of 2015 she released a statement saying that she was against the pipeline (a position she didn’t take as Secretary of State) and that was after this letter was received, but two months before the LCV endorsement. Similarly, they chided her for not opposing Arctic drilling. She turned around in August and dutifully condemned that practice as well.”

“She’ll say anything” to get elected. That’s what Barack Obama said of Hillary Clinton in 2008. He was right. So is Sanders when he says the DNC and other leftist groups conspired against him, an assertion also backed up by the WikiLeaks hack. But it certainly doesn’t help Sanders that he endorsed his Wall Street rival anyway.

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