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Have You No Decency?

Colossal jerk gloats over destruction in Gatlinburg because it hurt Trump supporters.

Nate Jackson · Dec. 7, 2016

Basic human decency is something that’s too often missing from political discourse, especially when vicious warriors of insult can hide behind a computer screen. There are some things people would never say out loud that somehow find their way onto social media or comment forums. Unfortunately, it’s not limited to leftists. But one Alabama man has lost his job after gloating over the “deplorables” who lost everything in the Gatlinburg wildfires. Hundreds of structures were burned, tens of thousands of people were evacuated and 14 people were killed.

His social media post: “Funny story. I was recently in Gatlinburg. Had a terrible time. I felt the place was a cesspool of consumerism and a bastion of the worst aspect of southern culture. Turns out a wildfire just burned most of the town to the ground. Good riddance, Gatlinburg. And good luck you mouth-breathing, toothless, diabetic, cousin-humpin,‘ mountain-dew chugging, moon-pie-munchin,’ pall-mall smoking,‘, Trump-suckin’ pond scum. (Chuckles and smiles like the smarmy liberal elitist I am.”

Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers, his now-former employer, said in a statement, “We are absolutely disgusted at what was posted, and want to emphasize that a person of this character does not represent who we are as a company. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the fires throughout the East Tennessee region, along with communities that were affected throughout the Southeast due to the recent drought. We want to offer our sincerest apologies that remarks like this were made.”

It’s bad enough to hear people like him smugly gloat over such devastation. It’s even worse to hear that those fires were deliberately set.

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