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No, Comey Helped Clinton

Democrats blame FBI director for Hillary's loss, but that's a lie.

Thomas Gallatin · Jan. 13, 2017

The soul searching over the election loss has yet to begin for Democrats and the Left. They’re still in that angry “it’s everyone else’s fault” stage — whether it’s the FBI, the Russians or voter ID laws. So, one week before the inauguration, it’s apparently time to “firm up” the case against the FBI. Thursday, the Justice Department announced that its inspector general will investigate allegations of misconduct involving FBI Director James Comey and his handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe, among other allegations. This is truly ironic given the fact that, as Mark Alexander wrote before the election, Comey’s actions to exonerate Clinton days before the election were designed to aid her. Comey went out of his way to protect Clinton, but since the tactic didn’t work it’s time to pull out the long knives.

Democrats’ biggest problem is the fact that they’re unwilling to face the true reasons why they lost the election. They don’t want to own the fact that Hillary was a terrible candidate with a compromised record, and who is still under FBI investigation, by the way. But that’s not the only reason, or even the main reason Americans rejected Hillary. Her victory would have meant a continuation of the past eight years: a stagnant economy, eroding of individual liberty in the name of “social progress,” skyrocketing health care costs, the continued flow of illegal immigrants across our borders and the unending blaming of America for the world’s ills.

Americans wanted change and quite simply Hillary Clinton offered only more of the same. Americans saw in Donald Trump an outsider who clearly believes in and is proud of this country and wants to truly change things up in DC.

So, go ahead, Democrats — blame Comey and back it up with investigative findings. But the reality is self-deception eventually leads only to self-delusion and eventually self-destruction.

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