Smearing SEAL Team Six

Anti-American Greenwald goes after Patriot warriors.

Harold Hutchison · Jan. 16, 2017

In the early stages of the War on Terror, the United States needed to get high-ranking terrorists to talk. American heroes like Jose Rodriguez, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen were given this tough, thankless task to get the worst of the worst terrorists to talk and provide information. They did so. Their thanks for their service was to be stabbed in the back by, among other entities, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Feinstein Report. On the basis of that flawed report, interrogators are now limited to the techniques in the publicly available (and presumably available to our enemies) Army Field Manual.

Now, SEAL Team Six is in the crosshairs of the Left. Yes, the guys who we sent after terrorists were the subject of a lengthy so-called exposé in The Intercept, a web site run by anti-American leftie Glenn Greenwald — a man described as a felon by civil libertarian Alan Dershowitz. Greenwald has also viewed “the weakening of America” as a good thing. The alleged “crimes” in that exposé (including mutilating enemy dead, the use of additional head shots on enemy personnel, and the taking of trophy photographs) are no different than what American troops did in the Pacific Theater of World War II. The Pacific Theater, by the way, saw hostilities erupt with an “unprovoked and dastardly attack” on Pearl Harbor, just as the despicable attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon opened the War on Terror.

So, the pattern repeats. The members of SEAL Team Six, some of America’s finest Patriot warriors, are given a thankless, difficult and dangerous task. They accomplish the mission, leaving many of America’s enemies dead or dying. So, what is their thanks from the Left for their sacrifices for our country? To receive the same sort of smear treatment the CIA interrogators did.

Something’s wrong with this picture. Very wrong, to put it mildly. How are we supposed to get America’s best and brightest to defend this country if this pattern is not broken?

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