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Chicago Loses Another Gun Battle

Court rules an anti-gun range law unconstitutional.

Culture Beat · Jan. 21, 2017

As the number of murders in Chicago has skyrocketed over the past few years, the city’s Democrat leaders have blamed guns as being the primary problem. Because it couldn’t possibly having anything to do with all their socialist policies. Therefore, time and time again these leftist leaders have passed anti-gun legislation only to see these anti-Second Amendment laws justly ruled unconstitutional. And this past Wednesday it happened yet again.

This time, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the city of Chicago’s ordinance designed to severely restrict gun range access and location was unconstitutional. The city had attempted to defend its law by raising the unsubstantiated claims that the ordinance was needed in order to preserve public health and safety from gun thieves and — try not to laugh — airborne lead contamination. The court ruling stated in part, “The city has provided no evidentiary support for these claims, nor has it established that limiting shooting ranges to manufacturing districts and distancing them from the multiple and various uses listed in the buffer-zone rule has any connection to reducing these risks.”

As frustrating as it is to see these leftist city leaders continuously passing anti-gun laws, the irony is they are actually helping to strengthen the very amendment they hate. With each one of these rulings, the courts are creating an ever-growing mountain of legal precedent by which the rights and protections delineated by the Second Amendment are more clearly defined and defended. So, take heart, America’s right to bear arms is as strong as ever.

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