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Target's Transgender Policy Encourages Predators

Women and girls have been filmed by men in Target's facilities.

Culture Beat · Mar. 17, 2017

Last year the executives at Target decided to embrace the fluid gender identity fantasy. Ignoring both human nature and history, Target implemented a transgender restroom and fitting room policy it announced in a blog post entitled, “Continuing to Stand for Inclusivity.” Yes, that favorite word of the politically correct social justice warrior, “inclusivity.”

When members of the general public voiced concern over the new policy, a Target spokeswoman suggested that such fears were illegitimate and that Target was aiming to be an “inclusive place to shop.” She rather condescendingly noted that “single-stall, family restrooms for those who may be more comfortable with that option” were available in some of their stores.

As the months have passed since the implementation of the new policy there have been several incidents of men dressed as woman who, taking advantage of the policy, have been caught filming women and girls in dressing rooms. These men, whether they self-identify as transgendered or not, are most definitely predators. But the politically correct concerns of Targets’ executives have blinded them to this reality.

The insane insistence that an individuals’ gender identity is completely divorced from their biological sex will eventually prove to be untenable. There is a vast difference between fact and fantasy, truth and fiction, and those who aim to blur the lines between the two will only create destructive chaos, ultimately leading to greater suffering. It’s written in the pages of history for any who would care to learn. We need look no farther back than the absurd insistence by Nazi Germany that the Aryan race was the most evolved and superior to all others. This fantasy was passed off as fact, and eventually everyone in Germany was forced to capitulate to this absurd fiction or suffer the consequences.

And this is the great irony of the Left’s “social justice” movement. Its proponents speak of “inclusivity” but by their very words and actions they deny it. Demanding that others agree with their perspective is not inclusive or freeing; rather it is exclusivist and totalitarian. Public policy should be based upon verifiable facts, not emotional sentiments. Feelings are about as trustworthy as some weather forecasts.

If Target continues to hold to this insane restroom and dressing room policy, we can be assured to learn of even more such predatory attacks on women and girls.

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