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Monday Top Headlines

Mar. 20, 2017
  • Gorsuch enters high-stakes confirmation hearing after intensive preparation (Fox News)

  • Here are four possible outcomes for Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation process. (The Daily Signal)

  • Justices on Ninth Circuit feuding over travel ban ruling. (The Hill)

  • FBI Director Comey: Justice Dept. has no information that supports Trump’s tweets alleging he was wiretapped by Obama. (The Washington Post)

  • Philadelphia cancels Cinco de Mayo parade over deportation fears. (The Hill)

  • Oh no! Illegal immigrants are cancelling SNAP benefits to avoid deportation. (Hot Air)

  • Maryland county’s count suggests noncitizens voting across U.S. (The Washington Times)

  • Trump administration to boycott UN council over anti-Israel agenda. (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Secret Service removes agent who didn’t want to take “a bullet” for Trump (Washington Examiner)

  • Poll: Majority of 18-30 year olds see Trump as an illegitimate president — the American educational system is failing. (Hot Air)

  • Brexit will begin on March 29. (UK Telegraph)

  • Policy: Another federal court of appeals attacks the Second Amendment. (National Review)

  • Policy: Supreme Court needs judges like Gorsuch because America has leaders like Schumer. (Washington Examiner)

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