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Five Observations on Comey's Firing

The controversy is all about politics, and it's only really just beginning. Here's a recap of the last 24 hours.

Thomas Gallatin · May 11, 2017

As the dust settles on Donald Trump’s not-so-shocking firing of FBI Director James Comey, here are a few things of note.

First, what remains the most controversial and questionable aspect of Comey’s canning is the timing. Why now? Many see Trump’s explanation of being motivated by the recommendation from the Justice Department as dubious. And not surprisingly, Democrats and the Leftmedia have latched onto this issue as supportive evidence of a supposed cover-up as they continue to beat the drum on still unsubstantiated Russia-Trump collusion narrative. Trump hasn’t helped his case by thanking Comey in his termination letter for alerting him to the investigation.

Second, there are contradictory reports on whether Comey had recently requested more funding and staff for the Russia probe. If he did, that fuels Democrats’ torches.

Third, contrary to the MSM’s suggestion that Trump may be attempting a cover-up, firing the FBI director does nothing to end the continuing investigation. And if rumors are to be believed that staff within the FBI were caught off guard and dismayed by Trump’s firing of Comey, it would seem highly improbable that they would simply sit on damning evidence, should such evidence exist. Not while the intelligence community is leaking like a sieve.

Fourth, the MSM’s meltdown and over-the-top sensationalized reporting over the firing speaks more to the media’s commitment to opposing anything Trump than it does to any genuine concern for or obligation to objective journalism. Leftmedia descriptions of Trump’s action ranged from it being a “coup” and “Nixonian” to even being a “dictator’s stand against inquiry.” Talk about hyperbole.

Finally, it’s almost universally undeniable that Comey had to go, because he had become too political. The irony in the whole saga is that Comey was attempting to rise above the fray and remain impartial to avoid becoming a political football. Like the referee who refuses to make the “controversial” penalty call to avoid accusations of having unfairly impacted the outcome of the game, Comey sought to wiggle around Hillary Clinton’s obvious violations of the law. While pointing out the fact that she did violate the law, he then let her off the hook by asserting that she didn’t mean to.

Now all that’s left are the months of recriminations and investigations. It should be fun.

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