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Aug. 1, 2017

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Opinion in Brief

Cal Thomas: “‘Face the Nation’ host John Dickerson editorialized on his show last Sunday about a video that purports to show President Trump ignoring an 11-year-old boy in a wheelchair while greeting others who attended his health care speech last week. Trump haters claim the video proves how insensitive he is. Dickerson said the first thing the president did when entering the room was to bend down and speak to the child. About the mischaracterized video, Dickerson said: ‘We’re so ready for evidence to confirm the absolute worst about an opponent it snuffs out our charity.’ He’s right and when it suits them both Left and Right engage in this shameful practice. Better build up this president and the good he can do, as he is the only president we have. North Korea and Iraq are becoming imminent threats. Throwing rhetorical ‘bombs’ at our fellow citizens is not helpful. We are not each other’s enemy. There are many who wish to destroy us. Why are we helping them?”

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