Wednesday Top Headlines

Sep. 13, 2017
  • Congress backs measure condemning white nationalists. When will it address antifa or black supremacists? (Associated Press)

  • Black Lives Matter targets Jefferson statue at University of Virginia (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

  • DOJ won’t bring charges against Baltimore officers in Freddie Gray case (The Baltimore Sun)

  • Clinton State Department silenced contractors on Benghazi security lapses (Fox News)

  • Clinton lawyers to be investigated over possible destruction of evidence (Hot Air)

  • Supreme Court says Texas need not draw new districts now (The Washington Post)

  • Supreme Court preserves Trump travel ban’s refugee limits (The Washington Times)

  • Seattle’s homosexual Democrat mayor resigns after fifth sexual abuse allegation (CNS News)

  • Texas prof resigns from law firm after tweeting he’d be “ok” with DeVos sexual assault (Fox News)

  • 33% of Americans can’t name any of the three branches of government (Townhall)

  • Policy: How Congress should clarify and expand the ACA’s state innovation waivers (Manhattan Institute)

  • Policy: When high schools shaped America’s destiny (City Journal)

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