Thursday Top Headlines

Sep. 28, 2017
  • Trump waives Jones Act to speed up aid shipments to Puerto Rico (Bloomberg)

  • As Maine’s Susan Collins saves ObamaCare, another insurer bails from her state because of the law (Reuters)

  • Trump pitches massive tax cuts (The Hill)

  • “I do not belong there” — Ravens national anthem singer Joey Odoms, a combat veteran, resigns (The Baltimore Sun)

  • Bradley Manning inspired communist West Point graduate to infiltrate the military (The Daily Caller)

  • Growing economy: final reading on Q2 GDP up 3.1%, vs 3% rise expected (CNBC)

  • Defense Secretary Mattis target of deadly airport attack in Kabul (USA Today)

  • Deep state? 78 Obama appointees “burrowed” in government, report says (Fox News)

  • California names an official state dinosaur (and it’s not Nancy Pelosi) (New York Post)

  • Humor: Sad: This Guy Knows Exactly How To Fix America’s Race Issues, But Nobody Reads His Facebook Posts (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: A road map to bipartisan health care reform (Real Clear Policy)

  • Policy: What should the U.S. do next on Kurdistan? (American Enterprise Institute)

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