Wednesday Top Headlines

Oct. 4, 2017
  • The Las Vegas shooter modified a dozen rifles to shoot like automatic weapons (The Washington Post)

  • Don’t panic: “We’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes by,” Trump says (The Washington Times)

  • Speaker Paul Ryan pulls SHARE Act — suppressor deregulation — from consideration (The Truth About Guns)

  • Russian-linked ads didn’t reach most Facebook users until after Election Day (The Daily Caller)

  • Facebook official investigating Russian election ads donated to Clinton, other Democrats (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Budweiser considers ending NFL sponsorship over protests — and they want to hear from you (The Blaze)

  • Tim Murphy, an allegedly pro-life congressman, allegedly urged mistress to get an abortion (Washington Examiner)

  • House passes bill banning abortions after 20 weeks (CNS News)

  • Not yet a decade after the bailout, inspector general highlights $32 million in cost overruns at new Fannie Mae headquarters (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Administration officials push DACA path to citizenship, contradict Trump’s stance (The Washington Times)

  • Policy: The Court Should Quit Trying to End Gerrymandering (Bloomberg)

  • Policy: Six Takeaways From the Senate Budget Proposal (The Daily Signal)

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