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Foreign Policy

'America First' Visits Europe

Trump heads to Davos to make the case that prosperity matters and that "America first is not America alone."

Nate Jackson · Jan. 25, 2018
Finally, an American president who loves his country

President Donald Trump is a dealmaker; don’t forget that in any major policy story. That includes his trip to Europe this week for the dreaded globalist World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He’s the first U.S. president to attend in nearly 20 years. “Will soon be heading to Davos, Switzerland, to tell the world how great America is and is doing,” Trump tweeted before his trip. “Our economy is now booming and with all I am doing, will only get better…Our country is finally WINNING again!” That, like so many other things Trump says and does, was a shot across the bow to Europe that the U.S. is under new management. Long gone are the Barack Obama days of apologizing for America and weakening our bargaining position.

Trump also aims to convey that, thanks to his successful economic policies, America is once again open for business and indeed will lead the world in that regard. Long gone are the stagnation years of Obamanomics.

Leftmedia outlets opine that “America First” will be a “hard sell in Davos.” Of course it is. European globalists (and their media mouthpieces, by the way) are much happier working with someone like Obama, who views America not as a world leader but as a nation guilty of imperialism and the like. Leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron wasted no time mischaracterizing Trump’s approach as “isolationist” and “nativist.”

On the contrary. “This is about an America First agenda. But America First does mean working with the rest of the world,” said Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. “It just means that President Trump is looking out for American workers and American interests no different than he expects other leaders would look out for their own.” Gary Cohn, the head of Trump’s National Economic Council, echoed that talking point: “America first is not America alone.”

What a difference a year makes.

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