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Feb. 6, 2018

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Opinion in Brief

Marc A. Thiessen: “Recall that in 2014, then-Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein released a document prepared by committee Democrats about the CIA’s terrorist interrogation program that was rife with ‘material omissions of fact.’ Indeed, Feinstein and her staff did not interview a single CIA official involved in the interrogation program, because they did not want to hear inconvenient facts that might undermine their predetermined narrative. Former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, who had sat on the Intelligence Committee, decried ‘the partisan nature of this report.’ Yet no one in the media decried its release, nor did the Obama administration suppress it. Instead, the Republican minority was allowed to publish a separate report and the CIA released a document of its own rebutting Feinstein’s many falsehoods — and then left it to the public to judge. If the FBI thinks the Republican memo is incomplete or misleading, then, by all means, the bureau should prepare and release a rebuttal. But under no circumstances did it have the right to try to suppress it. Not only was it wrong on legal grounds to oppose the memo’s release, it was politically stupid for doing so. All it accomplished was to draw more attention to the document and its recitation of the bureau’s failings.”

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