There's No Such Thing as Meaningless Sex

News flash: Men and women are different, and different things meet their different needs.

Nate Jackson · Feb. 20, 2018

We wrote recently about how morality based on consent isn’t morality at all. The essence of the piece was, in the context of the #MeToo movement objecting to all manner of sexual misconduct, that morality must be based on objective standards, not just “consent” during moments of (often inebriated) passion. #MeToo opposes the lack of consent, not the root immorality.

Additionally, we wrote that the #MeToo movement is becoming reflexively anti-men — because only men and seemingly all men are targets of outrage — and that’s leading to unintended consequences that are also making women angry.

Furthermore, we’ve condemned the vile objectification of women, even if it’s meant to … reject the objectification of women. Sports Illustrated cannot run an issue full of naked women and expect men not to view it simply as a bunch of naked women.

Well, here’s another angle in the moral saga of sex in modern culture. Sex is not merely a physical activity; it’s a deep spiritual and emotional connection between two people. That’s why there’s really no such thing as casual, meaningless sex. Moreover, that casual approach to sex is really bad for women. Why?

Faith Moore writes at PJ Media, “Most women’s ability to derive pleasure during sex comes — at least in part — from their emotional connection to their partners. Psychology Today reports that women in relationships where there is mutual trust experience higher levels of sexual satisfaction than single women, according to a 2013 University of Waterloo summary of the research on sexual satisfaction in heterosexual women. A woman’s sexual satisfaction comes not from telling her parter which specific Kama Sutra position turns her on, but from feeling bonded with, and connected to, her partner. That’s why so many women leave their random hook-ups feeling dirty and violated. And that’s why random, meaningless sex is a bad idea for women.”

But, but, but… women are equal to and the same as men, we’re told incessantly. Wrong. Men and women are different, and different things meet their different needs.

We’ll go even further. Sex is a creation of the Creator, who rightfully set the boundary of marriage around it. “They [the husband and wife] shall become one flesh,” Genesis 2 records. That’s way deeper and more meaningful than a fun night cap after a first date. Abandoning the whole essence of sex is exactly why any kind of #MeToo movement is even necessary. But you won’t hear feminists acknowledge that anytime soon.

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