Clinton Accuses Trump of Her Own Faults

Her tone-deaf whining is a great example of why Trump's in the White House and she's not.

Nate Jackson · Sep. 19, 2018

Politics can sometimes be the art of accusing your opponent of what you yourself practice. It’s called hypocrisy, and no one has mastered that dark art more than Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The latter wrote an op-ed in The Atlantic (derived from the afterword of the paperback version of What Happened released Tuesday), in which she took President Donald Trump to task for a litany of offenses prevalent in her own career. And she had the gall to do so while quoting the Founders in advance observation of Constitution Day.

She addressed “five main fronts of [Trump’s] assault on our democracy”: Rule of Law, legitimacy of elections, truth and reason, “breathtaking corruption,” and national unity. Patriot Post readers are all too familiar with the Clinton assault in all five areas. Indeed, few have done as much as the Clintons to undermine those pillars of the American republic. But allow us the simple pleasure of a few brief rebuttals.

As for Rule of Law, Clinton wrote, “No one, not even the most powerful leader, is above the law.” The longrunning email scandal shows that she doesn’t really believe this, and the fact that she is not currently in prison shows that it’s not really true. She flagrantly broke the law and her only punishment was losing the election. Rule of Law was undermined by the corruption in the FBI run by sycophants of Clinton and Barack Obama.

Regarding elections, she blames Trump’s “complete unwillingness” to stop Russian interference, but it was her foolish “reset” button that, in part, emboldened Russia after Democrats laughed off Mitt Romney’s correct 2012 assessment of our “number one geopolitical foe.” And the only ones undermining the integrity of our elections are Democrats who have made it their sole purpose to delegitimize Trump’s surprise victory.

Truth and reason? The Clintons have never heard of it, though we can almost picture Hillary wagging a finger just as Bill did while lying to the American public. Meanwhile, she attacked Trump for his criticisms of the media, but that media wouldn’t deserve his condemnation if it wasn’t a super PAC for Democrats.

How about “breathtaking corruption”? That she could complain of Trump’s business interests violating ethical standards after running the Clinton Foundation as a massive pay-to-play scheme while she was secretary of state is a testament to her utter shamelessness. Covering up that corruption was the whole point of her law-breaking private email server.

Finally, the woman complaining about Trump undermining national unity is the same woman who called a vast swath of Americans a “basket of deplorables.” And her grievance is chock full of divisive lies about minorities and women because that’s what Democrats do — they divide the nation into constituency groups and cast Republicans as the mortal enemies of each group. Democrats foment and thrive on division.

All in all, Clinton’s tone-deaf whining is a great example of why Trump’s in the White House and she’s not.

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