Taylor Swift Endorses Brett Kavanaugh Supporter

The irony is that #MeToo is what made the pop star endorse a Democrat with a sketchy record.

Nate Jackson · Oct. 9, 2018

You may want to sit down for this one.

A celebrity has come out in support of Democrats. Shocking news, we know. But pop sensation Taylor Swift has been remarkably quiet about politics over the course of her decade-long career, despite the best efforts of the social justice warriors to initiate her into the sisterhood. So it actually did come as somewhat of a surprise when the Millennial star decided to publicly endorse Tennessee Democrat Phil Bredesen for U.S. Senate and Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Nashville).

So why did Taylor, er, “Speak Now”?

One reason: Brett Kavanaugh. Back in December, Time magazine selected as its “Person of the Year” representatives of the #MeToo movement. Swift was in the cover photo because of her story of having been groped. Her presence was not without controversy, but it did serve the larger leftist purpose to turn #MeToo into such a vast swath of grievances — anything from catcalls or a pinch on the rear end to actual violent assault and rape — that all women would feel a deeper emotional connection to a certain political party.

That #MeToo emotional connection is precisely why Swift decided she could no longer hold her peace.

Thus, as much as she says she “would like to continue voting for women in office,” Swift says the Republican Senate candidate in Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn, “appalls and terrifies” her. Swift proceeded to falsify and distort Blackburn’s record (aren’t all women supposed to be “believed”?) while offering no reason to vote for Bredesen or Cooper beyond the typical blather about “LGBTQ rights” and supposed “systemic racism” of the other side.

Swift did not mention, of course, Bredesen’s own sketchy record on sexual harassment. Nor did she note the greatest irony of all: Bredesen’s support for Kavanaugh. Bredesen trails in the polls in a red state, so he needed to appear moderate and thoughtful on that Supreme Court nomination. But given that #MeToo and Kavanaugh’s confirmation finally prompted Swift’s public statement, that hypocrisy might create a little “Bad Blood” between Swift and her conservative fans.

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