Monday Top Headlines

Synagogue massacre, mail "bomb" suspect, troops on the border, Kayne's call, and more.

Media Editors · Oct. 29, 2018
  • Eleven murdered in Pittsburgh synagogue attack (Fox News)

  • Criticism of Trump after synagogue massacre is at odds with the opinions Jewish Israelis have of him (CNS News)

  • Suspect charged with five federal crimes in mail bombs sent to Trump opponents (The Daily Signal)

  • Mattis authorizes the use of troops, other military resources at southern border (Reuters)

  • Migrant caravan refuses offer of asylum, work assignments in Mexico (Associated Press)

  • San Francisco spends $300,000 to register noncitizen voters — a whopping 49 sign up (San Francisco Chronicle)

  • How fast are wages growing? Faster than many think (Foundation for Economic Education)

  • “Blexit”: Kanye West calls for blacks to abandon Democrats (The Washington Times)

  • “The Simpsons” is dropping the character Apu to “avoid the controversy" (Hot Air)

  • Porn-watching employee infected government networks with Russian malware (Nextgov)

  • European court: Calling Mohammed a pedophile isn't protected speech (Hot Air)

  • Indonesia flight with 189 on board crashes into sea (USA Today)

  • "We cannot continue flirting with communism”: Far-right lawmaker Bolsonaro wins Brazil presidential race (Reuters)

  • Humor: Democrat leaders announce brief moratorium on calling for political violence (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: Is an International Price Index the solution to high drug prices? (American Action Forum)

  • Policy: Income inequality is a natural and desirable feature of labor markets (Foundation for Economic Education)

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