Warren Surprised by Debate Revelation on Kavanaugh Fundraising

An ethics complaint was filed based on her rule violation, but she claimed ignorance.

Nate Jackson · Nov. 1, 2018

We in our humble shop have enjoyed many a laugh at Elizabeth Warren’s phony claims of Native American ancestry. Well, on an unrelated subject, Fauxcahontas stumbled once again this week during a debate with Republican challenger Geoff Diehl.

In an exchange over the disgraceful circus of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Diehl noted, “Senator Warren was fundraising illegally using the vote on Justice Kavanaugh, the confirmation vote, to try to raise money for her campaigns.”

The Washington Free Beacon elaborates on Diehl’s comment: “Diehl was referencing a complaint sent Monday to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) sent the complaint to Sens. Johnny Isakson (R., Ga.) and Chris Coons (D., Del.), the respective committee chairman and vice chairman. It alleges Warren fundraised based off her intended vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Court. The Senate prohibits ‘linking a promise of official action to a solicitation of campaign contributions.’”

A surprised Warren completely evaded the question, trying to pin Diehl on not condemning Donald Trump for … something. But the moderators weren’t going to let her get off so easily.

“I would like to drill down on what Representative Diehl said — the fundraising while the vote was being taken on the Kavanaugh hearing. Did you or did you not do that?”

“Actually,” Warren haltingly replied, “I don’t know. … I will check into it, but I don’t know.”

For us, this is akin to “Casablanca’s” Captain Renault feigning “shock” at discovering gambling in a casino. Of course Democrats were using their despicable character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh for political (and fundraising) gain. Warren, who is not a member of the Judiciary Committee, joined Democrats who are on the committee in this effort.

Even if she’s somehow reprimanded, she’s in no jeopardy of losing her seat. After all, this is a state that reelected Ted Kennedy for 40 years. But it’s also clear from her deer-in-the-headlights response that Warren isn’t ready for prime time if she’s thinking about a presidential bid in 2020.

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