Wednesday Top Headlines

Dems' #MeToo FAIL, Florida felons, Washington gun control, no election hacking, and more.

Media Editors · Nov. 7, 2018
  • Trump declares “big victory” in midterm elections (Washington Examiner)

  • Results: Democrats win House, GOP expands majority in Senate (NBC News)

  • Seven of Pelosi’s priorities as Democrats take back the lower chamber (The Daily Signal)

  • House obstructionists are poised to slam Trump with subpoenas (The Washington Times)

  • Gov. Scott Walker is defeated and union workers are celebrating (Townhall)

  • In #MeToo era, at least four Democrats — including Keith Ellison — elected despite misconduct allegations (Fox News)

  • Florida votes to restore 1.5 million felon voting rights; meanwhile, Missouri and Michigan legalize marijuana (USA Today)

  • Ballot measures taking aim at climate change fall short (San Francisco Chronicle)

  • Voters in Washington State pass massive gun control initiative (Townhall)

  • DHS says no evidence of election hacking in midterms (The Washington Times)

  • Caravan migrants thin out as 3,230 apply for asylum in Mexico (Washington Examiner)

  • Denuclearization deadlock as Mike Pompeo’s meeting with North Koreans is delayed (CBS News)

  • Navy’s LSD probe bigger than you think — 14 nuke sailors snagged (Navy Times)

  • Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over trademark as boys welcome girls (Reuters)

  • Humor: Blue wave downgraded to gentle mist (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: Can Democrats reverse Trumponomics after winning back the House? (Investor’s Business Daily)

  • Policy: Nearly a decade after the Tea Party wave, Congress is still spending like it’s 1999 (Foundation for Economic Education)

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