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Gun Owner Saves a Mother From Violent Attack

He heard "blood-curdling screams" coming from the direction of a nearby intersection.

Culture Beat · Nov. 8, 2018

At the sound of a woman’s “blood-curdling screams,” a Missouri gun owner sprang into action Saturday — and now Benjamin Seadorf is reportedly being credited with helping to save the woman from a vicious attack.

Seadorf told FOX4 he was at his Kansas City home with his four children when he suddenly heard “blood-curdling screams” coming from the direction of a nearby intersection. Seadorf grabbed his 9-millimeter handgun and headed towards the screams. When he reached the source, he encountered Alarick Williams allegedly attacking a woman, who had some of her clothes ripped off, inside a car. The fight was occurring in front of the couple’s three children, who were also in the vehicle.

Another good guy with a gun saves the day.

Read more at Fox News.

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