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Nurse Braves Flames to Rescue Patients

As with all tragedies, heroes are born and Nurse Allyn Pierce was definitely one of them.

Culture Beat · Nov. 13, 2018

For many Californians, the past few days have been a hellish nightmare. Tens-of-thousands of residents have been uprooted from their homes as fires ravage their communities from all sides – and their have been more than 40 deaths. But, with all tragedies, heroes are born, and a nurse, Allyn Pierce, was one of them. Even though his SUV was literally burned on all sides, Pierce repeatedly drove his vehicle through the fires, back to his hospital where he and other medical professionals and emergency responders evacuated patients in Paradise, California.

Pierce is OK, but, he lost his home and although his truck is still operational, it suffered serious fire damage. Responding to that news, Toyota has offered to replace his truck.

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