Wednesday Top Headlines

NRCC cyber intrusion, Dow plunges, troop deployment extended, INF treaty in limbo, and more.

Media Editors · Dec. 5, 2018
  • National Republican Congressional Committee suffered “cyber intrusion,” spokesman says (Fox News)

  • Dow plunges nearly 800 points on rising fears of an economic slowdown (CNBC)

  • Ninth Circuit: Law barring people from encouraging illegal aliens to enter U.S. is unconstitutional (Townhall)

  • Mattis extends troop deployment at southern border until end of January (National Review)

  • Trump task force proposes major Postal Service overhaul (CBS News)

  • Pompeo asserts U.S. authority at NATO in stinging criticism (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Trump administration threatens to kill nuclear treaty after Russia found in violation (The Washington Times)

  • Putin threatens new arms race (Washington Examiner)

  • Citing “substantial assistance” to probe, Mueller recommends no prison time for former Trump adviser Michael Flynn (ABC News)

  • Roger Stone pleads the Fifth, won’t give testimony or documents to Senate Judiciary Committee (The Washington Times)

  • Grassley wants answers about FBI raid on whistleblower with information on Clinton Foundation, Uranium One (Fox News)

  • Grassley: Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson lied in Senate testimony (The Federalist)

  • Study: Black males twice as likely to be killed, mainly from gang violence (UPI)

  • Resources are almost five times as abundant as they were in 1980 (Reason)

  • Eighty percent using ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion are ineligible, Louisiana report finds (The Washington Times)

  • Bob Dole salutes President Bush one last time (Townhall)

  • Humor: Trump releases findings of own independent investigation: “Most innocent president ever” (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: Should we move away from employer-sponsored insurance? (E21)

  • Policy: Memo to Congress: French riots show why U.S. carbon tax should be a nonstarter (Investor’s Business Daily)

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