Friday Top Headlines

Senate's Saudi vote, China suspends tariffs, budget deficit, "pay to play," teachers need guns, and more.

Media Editors · Dec. 14, 2018
  • Senate votes to end American military assistance for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen (Washington Examiner)

  • Prosecutors probing Trump inauguration spending (The Hill)

  • China suspends tariff hikes on $126 billion of U.S. cars, auto parts (Associated Press)

  • Budget deficit hits widest on record for month of November (Bloomberg)

  • Republicans examine accusations of “pay to play” at Clinton Foundation (Fox News)

  • The DOJ inspector general found 19,000 “lost” Strzok and Page texts (Townhall)

  • North Carolina congressional candidate sought out aide despite warnings over tactics (The Washington Post)

  • Tipster thwarts potential mass shooting at Indiana middle school (ABC News)

  • Teachers need guns, schools need security, Parkland shooting panel concludes (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

  • Jihadi who opened fire at French Christmas market is dead (Fox News)

  • Iran promises to restart nuclear-weapons work (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Gender & Women’s Studies department endorses a platform calling “for the Abolition of the Police, ICE, Borders, and the Judicial System” (National Review)

  • Humor: U.S. military honors sacrifices of NFL players by wearing jerseys throughout December (The Onion)

  • Policy: Why our country needs the wall, and now (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: Coaxing reluctant states to take on health reform (RealClearPolicy)

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