Wednesday Top Headlines

Congress reconvenes, border wall talks, violent mob repelled, Fauxcahontas running, stocks down, and more.

Media Editors · Jan. 2, 2019
  • Skip New Year’s resolutions in 2019 — make a rule of life (The Gospel Coalition)

  • Congress to reconvene with no end in sight for federal shutdown (Reuters)

  • Trump seeks border wall talk with congressional leaders (Washington Examiner)

  • “Violent mob” repelled in attempt to storm the border in San Diego (The Washington Times)

  • Central American countries are helping Middle Easterners illegally enter the U.S. (The Federalist)

  • Mexican president proposes “free zone” to attract investment, reduce migration to U.S. (Fox News)

  • Nikki Haley slams UNESCO as “corrupt and politically biased” as U.S., Israel officially quit UN agency (Fox News)

  • Federal workers to keep their paychecks for weeks under shutdown (The Daily Signal)

  • Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren launches 2020 presidential bid (The Hill)

  • New documents suggest the Steele dossier was a deliberate setup for Trump (The Federalist)

  • Stocks end the year down, suffering worst decline since 2008 (CBS News)

  • Abortion killed 42 million people in 2018 (The Daily Wire)

  • More police officers die on duty in 2018 than in 2017 (Associated Press)

  • America’s oldest vet dies at 112 (The Daily Wire)

  • States owe federal government billions for fraudulent Medicaid overpayments (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • No violent tornadoes reported in the U.S. in 2018, first time since 1950 (Fox News)

  • Facebook bans Franklin Graham (Washington Examiner)

  • Yet another Women’s March chapter cancels its march amid anti-Semitism controversy (Townhall)

  • Humor: Dave Barry’s Year in Review 2018 (Miami Herald)

  • Policy: On the budget and the border, let’s make a deal (Washington Examiner)

  • Policy: The difference between the private and public sector (Foundation for Economic Education)

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