Monday Top Headlines

Little progress on shutdown, Trump's wall pitch, nominees in limbo, next step in Syria, and more.

Media Editors · Jan. 7, 2019
  • Government shutdown enters third week with little progress indicated by politicians (NBC News)

  • What shutdown? Private companies step in to care for national parks (The Daily Wire)

  • Trump considers declaring national emergency to build border wall (The Washington Times)

  • Trump quotes Obama, Clinton in wall pitch (The Hill)

  • Most Americans want Congress to fix budget crisis and increase spending (Reason)

  • Senate throws hundreds of Trump nominees into limbo (The Hill)

  • Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missing Supreme Court arguments for first time (Associated Press)

  • Nancy Pelosi wants taxpayer money to match campaign contributions (The Resurgent)

  • Bolton attempts to clarify U.S.‘s next step in Syria, troops could stay for a while (Fox News)

  • Court extends Mueller grand jury (The Hill)

  • Main Street’s hiring woes show labor market’s growing muscle (Washington Examiner)

  • 1.4 million Florida ex-felons have voting rights restored (The Washington Post)

  • Brazil to combat crime by loosening gun control (Fox News)

  • Brazil to move embassy to Jerusalem (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Policy: To keep Medicare for All at bay, offer a better alternative (RealClearPolicy)

  • Policy: One year later, “net neutrality” zealots proved dead wrong (Investor’s Business Daily)

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