Monday Top Headlines

Shutdown sets record, Trump's legal argument, another caravan, Dems hit Puerto Rico, opioid overdoses, and more.

Media Editors · Jan. 14, 2019
  • Government shutdown sets record as longest in U.S. history (USA Today)

  • Trump’s shutdown differs greatly from Obama’s (The Daily Caller)

  • Trump has a strong legal argument that he can declare national emergency at border (The Daily Signal)

  • Immigration court backlog could grow by years after government shutdown (Bloomberg)

  • New caravan forms, prepares to head north to U.S. border (The Daily Wire)

  • Dems fly to Puerto Rico on chartered jet, meet with lobbyists, see “Hamilton” as shutdown drags on (Fox News)

  • GoFundMe is refunding all donations made to the “Fund the Wall” campaign (Business Insider)

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss oral arguments for second week but is free of cancer with no further treatments planned (CNBC)

  • Julian Castro launches presidential run (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announces Democrat presidential bid (The Washington Post)

  • Judge blocks Trump birth control rollback from taking effect in 13 states, DC (Washington Examiner)

  • Florida governor suspends Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel (Townhall)

  • Conservative groups targeted in Lois Lerner’s IRS scandal receive settlement checks (The Daily Signal)

  • VA prepares to redirect billions of dollars into private care (The New York Times)

  • Opioid overdoses now deadlier than car crashes, researchers find (The Hill)

  • Democrats roll out big health care proposals in the states (Associated Press)

  • A new American leader rises in ISIS (The Atlantic)

  • China’s 2018 trade surplus with U.S. hits record high of $323 billion (ABC News)

  • Humor: Anti-wall extremist the Kool-Aid Man leads campaign against Trump (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: We could build two border walls just by eliminating “improper payments” (Investor’s Business Daily)

  • Policy: Renewable energy subsidies costly to taxpayers, benefit big companies (The Heartland Institute)

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