Monday Top Headlines

Dems reject compromise, Mueller disputes BuzzFeed report, super sanctuaries, second nuke summit, and more.

Media Editors · Jan. 21, 2019
  • Trump announces plan to end government shutdown; Democrats reject it (The Daily Wire)

  • The truth about the MAGA Catholics and the Native American (National Review)

  • Kentucky student seen in viral confrontation with Native American speaks out (Fox News)

  • Mueller team disputes BuzzFeed report claiming Trump told Cohen to lie (Fox News)

  • Media reliability questioned over BuzzFeed report (The Hill)

  • Kamala Harris jumps into presidential race (Associated Press)

  • “Super Sanctuaries” list: DC, New York City, Chicago, California (Washington Examiner)

  • Trump to meet again with Kim Jong-un in late February (USA Today)

  • Report finds another undisclosed North Korea missile site, says there are 19 more (NBC News)

  • In rare move, Israel confirms attacking Iran forces in Syria (Associated Press)

  • China’s 2018 economic growth sinks to three-decade low (Associated Press)

  • World’s two most populous countries listed among most dangerous for Christians (The Daily Signal)

  • Humor: Nation worried about having no idea what’s going on if there’s no State of the Union Address (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: Trump’s EPA is right to reverse the Obama administration’s regulatory power grab on mercury emissions (Foundation for Economic Education)

  • Policy: Why Democrats said no to Trump’s border compromise (National Review)

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