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Dispatcher Takes Her Dad's Final PD Sign Off Call

Chattanooga Police Lt. Austin Garrett retired after 25 years. His daughter is the dispatcher.

Culture Beat · Feb. 12, 2019

“A special moment was recorded between a Chattanooga police officer and his daughter, a dispatcher. Chattanooga Police Lt. Austin Garrett retired this week after 25 years with the department. A video posted online shows the moment he signed off for the last time this week. The dispatcher on the other end was his daughter, Haley Garrett.”

For more, visit ABC 9.

And that wasn’t the only touching final call this week. Fox News reports:

“On Tuesday, Cpl. Roy Martin retired from the force after 31 years serving in Arkansas. As is tradition, Martin gave his final ‘10-7’ — code for ‘out of service’ — and ‘10-42’ — code for ‘ending tour of duty’ — on the radio. But, to his surprise, Martin’s son, Arkansas State Police Cpl. Bill Martin, answered his father’s final radio call.”

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