#Blexit2020 — How Black Voters Will Turn Out in 2020

More blacks than ever are seeing through the Democrat facade on the issues.

Patrick Hampton · May 13, 2019

Blexit opened many black eyes to the truths of the Democrat party. Now we look forward to the 2020 presidential election and examine the pressing issues black voters are truly concerned about.

The horde of progressive Democrats are running on empty, using any sensitive issue to fuel their campaigns. It’s their way to reach for low-hanging fruit that appeals to the uninformed. Topics like reparations and marijuana legalization are worn like a brand shown only to black voters to keep them emotional. For one, it’s insulting that these candidates believe black voters would give up their precious votes in exchange for free money and drugs. And two, it’s cheap. This is why the Blexit movement matters.

In 2020, the Blexit movement will shine a guiding light on the real issues affecting black Americans. I think of it as a lighthouse designed to help our lost sailors find their way home through the thick fog cast over them. To see this light, some of us have a long way to go, but more than ever before has the black population been closer to reaching the shores of sound political insight and the true issues that affect us.

Gun Rights: The Impact on Black Americans

Gun rights are becoming a growing issue among blacks. NBC reported on the increasing awareness of the importance of gun ownership in the black community, with more black first-time gun owners enrolling in gun-safety and concealed-carry courses. While demographic records are not kept on the race of gun buyers, more black people in my own circles and across the nation are showing concern for keeping themselves and their families safe by owning a gun.

Republican haven’t voiced a platform for gun ownership to date, yet Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker suggests a national gun registry that would put licensing in the hands of the federal government. Booker claims to want to “fight” the NRA, the very organization that has historically fought for gun rights for minorities. The idea of more limitations is dangerous because when increasing crime disproportionately affects your community, having protection is all you can think about. To restrict gun ownership is to keep guns further out of reach for black Americans.

Putting Abortion in its place

According to The Washington Times, six minority Democrat legislators in North Carolina voted nay on an infanticide bill. In Nevada, two minority Democrats voted nay on the Trust Nevada Women Act. State Senator Marcia Washington stated that she had no issue casting a different vote from her Democratic colleagues because she doesn’t “believe in any form of abortion,” according to the article.

More black people — regardless of party affiliation — are seeing the light and truth about abortion, which is actively reducing the black population in our nation. Progressive candidates are all for it, calling it “health care” yet at the same time minimizing the number of abortions that actually take place at Planned Parenthood clinics. While Democrats actively obfuscate the truth about black genocide, movements like Blexit help put this and other issues front and center. Because to those of us who are part of the movement, black lives actually matter.

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