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Mom Who Lost Son to Illegal Now Fights to Save Others

Mary Ann Mendoza co-founded Angel Families to work with bereaved families.

Culture Beat · May 16, 2019

“A mother whose son died after a car wreck caused by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record who was drunk and high on drugs says his death left a permanent scar on her life. ‘When he was taken from me, there was a huge part of my life that was taken,’ Mary Ann Mendoza said in an interview about her son Brandon, who served as a police sergeant in Mesa, Arizona.”

“Mendoza, a Realtor who now also calls herself an activist against illegal immigration, founded Angel Families with another woman who lost a daughter to an illegal immigrant and drunk driver. Five years ago, Mendoza and her son had just celebrated Mother’s Day by having dinner together the day before the accident.”

“Mendoza founded Angel Families with Michelle Root, whose daughter Sarah was killed in 2016 in Omaha in a car crash caused by Eswin Mejia, a 19-year-old illegal immigrant from Honduras who police said was driving drunk. The two angel parents’ organization works to educate the public about crimes committed by illegal aliens and bring them to the forefront of society. ‘Angel parents’ refers to those whose children have been killed by illegal immigrants.”

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