Five Facts on Abortion and Cases of Rape — Part 1

There are a few simple facts to remember when debating the subject of life in the womb.

Patrick Hampton · May 20, 2019

Americans are drowning in a swamp of misinformation in light of the abortion ban in Alabama. Much of this is created by the radical Left’s aim to obfuscate the truth about abortion and the definition of human life.

Their game: to use the sensitive scenarios of rape and incest to shield their arguments for murder. To pro-choice Democrats, it’s as if the termination of life is the primary resolution for these horrific crimes. Justice served to the perpetrator seems to come second to this.

The state of Alabama has catapulted the issue of abortion into the national spotlight. Politicians and pundits are being forced to share their philosophy on abortion and Roe v. Wade. It’s very important that pro-life conservatives share clear facts and information to persuade those that are on the fence or those trying to remain neutral. Social media has become a hotbed of opinions but to those of us on the right side of history, science, and our nation’s prosperity, the following mentioned facts couldn’t be clearer.

  • Abortion in the cases of rape are rare. Less than 1% of all abortions are committed on women who have been sexually assaulted.

  • The violence of rape does not justify the violence of abortion. Most people define rape as violating the will and body of another person for your own selfish reasons. Abortion can be defined in those same terms.

  • The abortion lobby is disingenuous when they bring up the horrific crime of rape to justify abortion laws. Why? Because even if you include a “rape exception” into an abortion-restrictive law, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers will still oppose it.

  • The pro-life movement believes science proves that human life begins at conception, when egg and sperm unite to form a whole, distinct, living human. This is the same for every person.

  • Your humanity is not determined by your wanted-ness or the circumstances of your conception. Your humanity and your right to live is determined by the very fact that you are a member of our human species.

But these facts don’t matter to progressives who continue to masquerade their movement under the guise of women’s health care and reproductive rights. To them, unwanted babies are no different than a cancer mass, meant to be extracted at the mother’s whim. Sadly, the pro-choice message has hypnotized and manipulated a portion of our population to believe that abortion is a safe and economical choice, especially for the poor and for blacks.

This must stop. The truth must be known. We the people must demand justice for pre-born babies. It is the government’s responsibility to protect the innocent and the right to life for those who don’t have a voice. If Americans don’t wake up now, there’s no telling what kind of nation we’ll wake up in tomorrow.

More facts will follow in Part Two.

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