Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Mexico deploys troops, Iran sanctioned, SCOTUS decisions, Conway's precedent, and more.

Media Editors · Jun. 25, 2019
  • MEXICO GETS THE MEMO: “Mexico has deployed almost 15,000 soldiers and National Guard in the north of the country to stem the flow of illegal immigration across the border into the United States, the head of the Mexican Army said on Monday.” (Reuters)

  • IRAN SANCTIONED: Iran was leveled additional sanctions yesterday, the Washington Examiner reports. “Trump called the sanctions, which will target the financial resources of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, ‘hard-hitting.’” CNBC notes that “Iran is already in a ‘very dangerous’ economic position as US prepares major new sanctions.” Is this the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back?

  • SCOTUS DEFERS: “The U.S. Supreme Court refused Monday to rule on a case challenging President Trump’s 25 percent tariffs on steel imports into the U.S. that was imposed last year. The decision … will leave in place the U.S. Court of International Trade’s ruling from March that allowed the president’s tariffs.” (Fox Business)

  • GUN-CONVICTION LAW ANNULLED: “The Supreme Court on Monday ruled 5-4 that a federal law allowing for gun convictions relating to ‘a crime of violence’ was too vague. The case involved a pair of men who were convicted on several felony robbery charges, but were also convicted under another federal statute that required significant mandatory minimum sentences for a ‘crime of violence.’” (The Hill)

  • CONWAY’S PRECEDENT: “The White House intends to block Kellyanne Conway from testifying before the House Oversight and Reform Committee later this week about alleged Hatch Act violations. The administration said … that Conway would not testify, citing ‘long-standing precedent.’” (The Hill)

  • ‘A HIGHLY BIASED POLITICAL MACHINE’: “On Monday, Project Veritas released a video report featuring testimony from a Google whistleblower, along with leaked documents and undercover footage, that suggests that the most influential search engine in the world is actively promoting an agenda when it comes to news and politically and ideologically charged information.” (The Daily Wire)

  • NBA’S AIR BALL: “NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says the league no longer has any team ‘owners.’ Instead, it will refer to owners as ‘governor’ or ‘alternate governor’ for a part-owner.” (Washington Examiner)

  • COOLER HEADS PREVAIL: “A British appeals court on Monday reversed a previous ruling that would have forced a mentally disabled woman to abort her child against both her wishes and those of her mother.” (National Review)

  • POLICY: South Dakota’s efforts to protect speech on campus could be a model for the nation (National Review)

  • POLICY: Bernie Sanders’s plan to cancel student debt shows bolder isn’t always better (American Enterprise Institute)

  • HUMOR: Democrat candidates announce plan to dangle stacks of cash in front of potential voters (The Babylon Bee)

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