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Count the Ways President Trump Impacts the Black Community

The Left has turned a blind eye to Trump's undeniable impact on the lives of black Americans.

Patrick Hampton · Jul. 22, 2019

The president’s recent nomination of U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General Lorna Mahlock is a historic leap forward, as she would be the first black female to earn this rank. This milestone sits atop an ongoing list of acknowledgements, contributions, and acts of forgiveness granted by President Donald Trump, who has been an active contributor to the black community.

If only the mainstream media would acknowledge this.

Obsessed with using racism, diversity, and feminism for political gain, the Left has turned a blind eye to Trump’s undeniable impact on the lives of black Americans. To eliminate all doubt, let’s count a few ways our Commander-in-Chief has extended his compassion to “people of color.”

1. Honoring Black History Month

Riddle me why a so-called “white supremacist” would honor the historical achievements of black Americans? If he were “racist,” he’d waste no time making life harder for minorities. Therefore a Black History Month celebration would be deemed too great of an expense on the taxpayer’s dime. But this isn’t true for Trump, who celebrates the black community in numerous ways.

2. Urban revitalization

During his run for office, Trump unveiled his New Deal for urban revitalization, promising better education through school choice, the funding of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and the promotion of safer communities through the removal of gangs and criminal cartels, among other socio-economic benefits. Still, no other 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has presented a comprehensive plan that homes in on the needs of black people (outside of a paltry attempt at reparations).

3. His ex-girlfriend was black

According to The New York Times, Kara Young — who is biracial of black and white descent — says that while dating Trump, she “never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people.”

4. Criminal justice reform

The Left airs complaints about the current state of our criminal justice system and how it disproportionately affects blacks, yet President Trump is actually doing something about it by way of his First Step Act. The establishment of this law resulted in clemency being granted to Alice Johnson, whose “nonviolent” drug charge resulted in a life sentence, with credit given to Kim Kardashian West who lobbied for Johnson’s release. But that’s just one example. As of the time of this article, 3,000 federal offenders will have been released as part of this overhaul. But to the Left, Trump is “so racist” still.

5. He awarded Tiger Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

After winning the Masters tournament, pro golfer Tiger Woods received the Presidential Media of Freedom from President Trump. This is monumental considering it is the nation’s highest honor to be awarded to a civilian. Out of all of the white professional golfers Trump could have chosen, he selected one of the winningest, most deserving athletes known to the golfing world — who just so happens to be black. Because this is what a white supremacist does, right? (Sarcasm)

6. Trump received an award denoting diversity

“Patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity” are the qualities possessed by Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients — among those being the sitting president of the United States. President Trump stood among awardees Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks to be recognized for their numerous civic contributions, leadership, and compassion.

7. He helped a black celebrity in crisis

When tragedy struck singer Jennifer Hudson’s family, Trump housed the singer’s relatives free of charge at the Trump International Hotel & Tower. It’s clear that this man is more helpful than he is hateful.

I could go on and on about Trump’s obvious compassion for African Americans. With only outrageous opinions to offer, the mainstream media iterates what progressives interpret to be racist about what Trump says or tweets. Here I stand with just the facts about our president’s impact on black issues. As a conservative, I favor the truth while liberals feed on feelings. And in terms of racism, only a person’s actions should amount to anything.

So I ask, after reading this, is Trump still racist to you? Whatever your answer is, ask whether your claim is just a fleeting “gist” or “vibe,” or if it can hold a candle to the light of truth.

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