Obama Derailed the Democrat Party

And his political supporters are left on the tracks. For that, we can thank him.

Patrick Hampton · Jul. 29, 2019

The 2008 presidential election sounded off the initial death toll of the Democrat Party. Thank God.

If it weren’t for Barack Obama hitching the Democrat wagon onto identity politics, the party would be a lot further than it is today. Thanks to his failed administration, the progressive bandwagon is now at a complete standstill, weighed down by the very promises it hoped to deliver to its supporters.

What I appreciate most about Obama is that he helped Democrat voters come closer to a decision — continue to be fed lies about racial reconciliation, identity politics, and “health care,” or to support a president who addresses the issues affecting all Americans and not just certain interest groups.

I thank Obama for inviting Black Lives Matter to the White House. Because of that, Americans — no, the whole world — saw the Democrat Party’s true colors. It’s a club that is exclusive of whites and anyone who doesn’t condone the terrorizing of our police force. Because of this, we felt alienated in our own country — unwelcome in our own home.

By the end of 2016, many left-wing Americans “woke” up to find themselves on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

I thank Obama for taking American liberals by the hand and leading them down the dark alleyway to socialism. Upon realizing the bleak reality ahead of them, many supporters turned away in search for the light.

But the best thing Obama could have done was empower a faction of radically socialist presidential candidates who are unashamed to openly advocate for outrageous minimum wage and student loan cancellation policies that can only result in a crippled economy. With the economy on a positive surge under President Trump’s administration, these Marxists have little chance of securing the 2020 vote.

This lends a clue as to why members of the dying Democrat Party had called to impeach Trump even before he was elected. It’s because deep down they knew that after the failed Obama administration exited stage left, they didn’t stand a chance at another Democrat presidency.

Now, the last of the Democrats are left in disarray as the House resolution to impeach Trump was voted down by a significant margin last week. This motion included members of the Democrat Party who are not on board with radical left-wing views.

This broken bandwagon now sits on the tracks toward the 2020 presidency, while conservatives, patriots, centrists, independents, and people of all races board the Trump train as it moves full-speed ahead toward American greatness. Throwing sticks and stones, the last of the Democrat Party can only sit on the tracks and watch in the distance with only their engineer — the great Barack Obama — to blame.

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