Twilight Zone Politics Part II

Omar, Tlaib, and the ridiculous and strange news about their abandoned trip to Israel.

Roger Helle · Aug. 23, 2019

It’s hard to keep up with all the bizarre antics on the far Left. They just keep coming. Twilight Zone, Bizarro World, the Outer Limits, Beyond Belief; you pick it and the news will come up with something even stranger.

At the end of my last Twilight Zone post, I mentioned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comparing the detention centers for illegal immigrants on the southern border to concentration camps. When asked about this by some on the Left, she doubled down, insisting that the horrors illegal immigrants are subjected to are as bad as those the Nazis perpetrated in World War II.

No evidence has ever been provided to substantiate her claim. But that didn’t stop the media from repeating it, calling Border Patrol and Customs Officers “Nazis.” It is very possible her rhetoric is what triggered a man in Tacoma, Washington, who attacked an immigration detention center. The domestic terrorist (in my opinion) had previously assaulted a police officer outside the same facility.

This time he came loaded for bear. Armed with a rifle and incendiary devices, he set a car on fire and attempted to ignite a propane tank outside the facility. He cared so much for the detainees, he was going to blow up the place to show his solidarity!

Then there was the attack on ICE offices in San Antonio by someone with a rifle. Also, how about the ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado, where the American flag was taken down, defaced, and run back up the flag pole upside down. They also ran up a Mexican Flag. If Cortez and others continue to demonize Border Patrol and Customs officers, who will take the blame when someone is eventually killed?

Then there’s our “favorite” congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. As I understand it, an 80-person congressional delegation recently went to Israel. Apparently, these two decided not to go with the delegation but planned their own trip. They may have felt they wouldn’t get enough air time with 80 others present.

They planned the trip with a nonprofit called Miftah. The New York Times and Washington Post tried to whitewash the group as a humanitarian organization, but just checking the group’s website clearly shows its anti-Semitic hatred. Based on their own anti-Israel bias, could Omar and Tlaib really be shocked?

Congresswomen Tlaib wrote a letter to the Israeli government asking if she could go to the Palestinian territory to visit her 90-year-old grandmother. She said she would not use her trip to attack Israel and would comply with whatever restrictions they would place on her visit.

The government relented and gave her permission to go — which she promptly rejected, holding a press conference along with Omar and slandering the Israeli government and its “oppressive” policies. Can anyone say “grandstanding”?

Not one of these stories by themselves would have made the evening news on a slow news day, until now. Now, if there is a way to slander America, its allies and especially the president, it’s open season. What is a threat to our political freedom is when the media no longer reports the news. Instead, they manufacture it! They no longer try to be fair in their reporting but have become a propaganda tool of the far Left. This needs to be exposed for what it really is!

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