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Sisters Sell Lemonade to Pay Off Others' Student-Lunch Debt

Inspired by their own classmates in need, the Hager sisters raised thousands of dollars.

Culture Beat · Sep. 3, 2019

“Two sisters in North Carolina have helped to wipe out tens of thousands of dollars of student lunch debt, mainly by selling lemonade. Hailey Hager, 14, and Hannah Hager, 11, held their first lemonade stand two years ago to help raise money for the hospice center that took care of their grandfather.”

“The next year, they spent their summer selling lemonade to buy toiletry products to give to homeless people. This year, just as they were deciding which cause to support with their lemonade sales, their mom, Erin Hager, was notified, along with other parents, about a desperate need to pay off students’ lunch debt at local schools.”

Read more at ABC News.

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