The Real Whistleblower

Donald Trump is under attack for blowing the whistle on DC's corrupt politics.

Gary Bauer · Oct. 1, 2019

The media and the socialist caucus in Congress are insisting that whistleblowers must be protected. At the same time, they are trying to utterly destroy the biggest whistleblower to ever be part of our government — Donald Trump. It is precisely because he is “blowing the whistle” on the corruption in Washington, DC, that the left wants President Trump destroyed. That corruption has made this one of the richest cities in America at the same time Middle America and Main Street were left behind.

The reasons for their hatred of the president are clear.

He blew the whistle on how the DC establishment left our border essentially open so that Democrats could get new future voters and the Republican business class could get more cheap labor. He stood up and called out the NFL kneelers, flag burners, cop haters, and the “America was never great” crowd. They were shocked. Didn’t anyone tell him the left owns the culture and gets to write our history and that its bad politics for a Republican to talk about anything other than capital gains taxes? He exposed the China scandal that resulted in 60,000 closed factories in places like Peoria, Cincinnati, Ames, Knoxville, Duluth, etc., while money flowed to the denizens of Chevy Chase, Maryland, Great Falls, Virginia, and the leftist enclaves of San Francisco, Manhattan, and Silicon Valley. The president blew the whistle on how the left has been using the courts to force radical social change while undermining religious liberty and the sanctity of life. He ran on promising to put constitutionalists on the courts and even named them BEFORE the election.

The president has exposed the rip-off of the American taxpayer that occurred as we funded NATO, while its European members cut their contributions and used the money to subsidize their socialist economies. The Atlantic alliance is important, but in what world are hard-working Americans supposed to pay for the defense of our “allies” if our allies aren’t willing to defend themselves?

I could go on and on but you get the point. They must take him down because they must take us down. They will fail. But it is going to be brutal. Fights that really matter are always brutal, nasty, and worth winning. Stand strong.

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