Constitutional Malpractice

Democrats claim to defend the Constitution via impeachment while they trample it.

Roger Helle · Dec. 13, 2019

When Nancy Pelosi and far Left politicians claim to be following the Constitution in their effort to impeach President Donald Trump, forgive me if I sound skeptical. I don’t think the majority of our elected officials, any party, could tell you what the Constitution says. So much of what government does has no basis in the Constitution.

In their hatred for Trump, they have twisted the Constitution into something unrecognizable. The articles of impeachment hardly compare to the articles that were drafted against Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Those impeachments had real bipartisan support, and this impeachment process does NOT!

I realize Democrats have hated Trump with a passion ever since Election Day. The Washington Post announced on Inauguration Day that the impeachment process had begun. This, before he had a chance to do anything! I know he is arrogant, irritating, and has a few other character deficiencies. However, being annoying and arrogant is not a justification for impeachment. Otherwise most of Washington would have been impeached.

Rep. Adam Schiff has thrown out many serious accusations with absolute PROOF, according to him, for three years. While he has produced no evidence, the mainstream media continues to repeat his lies over and over again. And they wonder why the average person no longer listens to anything they say.

The two articles of impeachment are “Abuse of Power,” and “Obstruction of Congress.” They accuse him of Obstruction of Congress because he refused to simply roll over and play dead. He wouldn’t just give in to their power grab. After the FISA abuses and a two-year-long Special Counsel Investigation that found nothing, he quit responding to demands for more testimony and paperwork to keep the scam going. With one hearing after another, changing the rules as they went, only witnesses they approved, and no due process for the president, why would the president comply?

Abuse of Power is charged because Trump dared ask about how the unlawful investigation began. Over $30 million was spent and gridlock in Congress occurred where nothing of substance has been accomplished in nearly two years. That might be one reason.

First, it was Russian collusion, then obstruction, then a quid pro quo, and finally bribery and treason. As I said before, these terms polled better in the focus groups. But the charges filed Tuesday included none of these accusations.

Pelosi says that in this process of impeachment, Democrats are prayerful. This is the party that tried to remove God from their political platform during the 2012 campaign. This is the party that believes you can terminate a baby right up to the time of birth. This is the party that claims to defend women, yet overwhelmingly approved males who identify as women to compete in women’s athletic events to dominate those who really are women. So, forgive me if I have a hard time believing they’re really concerned about defending the country.

Trump supposedly endangered national security because he gave the Ukrainians weapons to defend themselves and Barack Obama gave them blankets and MRE’s. That favors Russia how?

I’ll say it again, if there is not justice for all, there is not justice at all. If you are on the Left and think this is great, you may get more than you asked for. Impeachment will become a battering ram against every president going forward.

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