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Man Returns $43K He Found in Secondhand Couch

"It belonged to them, and I'm glad I was able to give it back to them."

Culture Beat · Jan. 21, 2020

“A mid-Michigan man found more than $43,000 in cash hidden in a couch he bought from a secondhand store, and though he had no apparent legal obligation to do so, he decided to return the money to the family who donated the item.”

“Ovid resident Howard Kirby recently bought a set of furniture for $70 from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Owosso. After the couch spent a few weeks in his ‘man cave,’ he started to think something was off. ‘The foot cushion always seemed kind of hard,’ Kirby said Friday, Jan. 17.”

“His daughter-in-law finally opened the cushion and was surprised to find a box containing tens of thousands of dollars in cash — $43,170, once they counted it up.”

“Surprised at his good fortune, Kirby considered how the cash could change his life: He could finish paying his house off and fix his roof and still have some left over. He contacted a lawyer and learned he had the legal right to keep the cash.”

“But Kirby felt his faith called him to do the right thing and try to return the money to the family who donated the couch.”

Read more at The Oregonian.

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