Vive La Résistance!

For over three years now we have heard nothing but hate and seething anger from the Left.

Roger Helle · Feb. 7, 2020

Once again leftists proved they will not allow President Donald Trump credit for anything accomplished in the past three years. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made her party proud with her defiance during the State of the Union Address Tuesday night. She could not boycott the speech like other members of her party. But, at the end of Trump’s speech, she tore up the people’s official copy of the speech in a way that could be seen all across the country.

Bernie Sanders was also a no-show. He’s still trying to find out if he won in Iowa or not! Rep. Al Green of Texas — who stated Trump had to be impeached because, if not, he might be elected again — was a no-show. So was Rep. Steve (Col. Sanders) Cohen, whose major accomplishment was bringing a bucket of chicken to Congress. Maxine Waters, who doesn’t even live in her district in Los Angles and has been hollering “IMPEACH 45, IMPEACH 45, IMPEACH 45” since Trump was elected, bailed, as did her sidekick, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Rashida Tlaib, foul-mouthed representative from Michigan, made a big deal of walking out. I could list the rest of the resisters, but you wouldn’t recognize them because they haven’t done anything except resist.

And did anyone notice they were gone?

I can remember when both sides of the political aisle worked together to accomplish the goals that made America the envy of the world. And politics stopped at water’s edge. We may have disagreed with each other, but we were united against our enemies. Like family, we may argue with our siblings, but if someone outside the family starts messing with them, watch out!

But no longer; the party is now everything. It’s no longer about what’s good for America, but what’s good for their party — or worse, their own power. As President Abraham Lincoln said, echoing the words of Jesus, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Such childish behavior on the part of elected officials who represent the world’s only superpower is sad indeed. If Republicans had behaved this way when Barack Obama was president, they would have been held accountable for their behavior, and rightly so.

For over three years now we have heard nothing but hate and seething anger. No amount of accomplishments will be recognized. Resist, sabotage, deflect, and blame-shift — that’s all we see and hear. A decorated Army staff sergeant reunited with his family… so what! A single mom getting a scholarship to get her child out of a failing public schools… boo! I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

I want to encourage you to really think about who you vote for to represent you in Congress. The choice you make may be the difference in whether we still live in a Republic with the freedoms outlined in our Constitution, or in a socialist tyranny where your freedoms are whatever your leftist overlords say they are. This is not hype. They are telling us at literally every political rally and debate across the country. It’s not going to be pretty! But it is not inevitable.

Something to think about?

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