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The Infiltration of Indecency

Black voters continue to follow a party that eviscerates what blacks believe in.

Patrick Hampton · Feb. 17, 2020

To vote Democrat and claim being a Christian is a hypocrisy, especially in light of the presidential candidates’ widespread endorsement of the LGBT movement.

So-called trangenderism has widespread support in the DNC but also targets the black community. Read the very platform endorsing it.

To the wise among us, this intersectionality is not by happenstance. No wonder leftist, politically involved celebrities boast about such personal and sensitive details about their families, such as with Dwayne Wade’s family. Wade recently announced his son’s “transition” to being female, which garnered much attention in the black community (as it is purposefully designed to do). Some people expressed their heartfelt endorsement of this lifestyle. Others rebuked it, sticking close to the traditional Christian values common among black Americans.

To this day, many black families reject these notions, yet eagerly and consistently vote for a party that is committed to values contrary to what we believe in.

My question to these Americans is this: why vote? Why vote for a party that constantly rebukes your freedom of religion? Why vote for a party that acts to redefine what sanity is for our sons and daughters. Why endorse anything you’d disagree with?

Sadly, the leftist black community has become obsessed with attention and fame, to be well-liked among the world by sacrificing religious values taught to us by our grandparents and great-grandparents. The famous among us see this insecurity as a target, allowing them to infiltrate cultural notions that exist to do the unthinkable — to keep us under control.

Why else are black celebrities so open about abortions and promiscuity, to specifically share those details with the masses? Why do famous black families constantly remind us of sexual preferences and behaviors that shouldn’t be open to the public. It’s as if Leftmedia pundits know our frequency and have tuned into it. They know just where we are (emotionally) and how exactly to exploit the very things we lack as a demographic.

Compare and you’ll find no such things endorsed in the GOP platform. No transgenderism, no abortion. No champions of classlessness are among the conservatives. In fact, many of my liberal black friends are relieved when I share that their views are actually in line with conservative views. It’s sad to agree on so much yet be so far away in terms of a better black society. If only black Americans could vote in a way that reflects what’s in their hearts, in a way that reflects what God wants dearly for them — to thrive.

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