Tuesday News Executive Summary

Anthony Fauci to testify, Schumer exploits, "unmasking" declassified, and more.

Jordan Candler · May 12, 2020

Above the Fold

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci will testify before the Senate Health Committee today. Fauci revealed to The New York Times: “The major message that I wish to convey … is the danger of trying to open the country prematurely. … This will not only result in needless suffering and death, but would actually set us back on our quest to return to normal.” Of course economic restoration will result in some undesirable effects, as our own Mark Alexander has explained. But with all due respect, Fauci’s position is safe, easy, and ultimately shortsighted. Which is exactly the position that ivory tower bureaucrats love to take.

  • Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer bloviated: “Until now, we’ve mostly heard from the members of the coronavirus task force through the distorted lens of the White House press conference where the president often prevents them from answering fully, interrupts their response, or even contradicts their fact-based evidence. This will be one of the first opportunities for Dr. Fauci to tell the American people the unvarnished truth without the president lurking over his shoulder. Dr. Fauci, let it rip.” In other words, Schumer wants Fauci to double down on undermining the president.

Government & Politics

  • Any Obama officials involved in “unmasking” Michael Flynn declassified by DNI Richard Grenell (ABC News)

  • Trump orders federal retirement money invested in Chinese equities to be pulled (Fox Business)

  • Secrecy of Trump’s taxes, financial records on the line in Supreme Court arguments (NBC News)

  • U.S. to accuse China of trying to hack vaccine data, as virus redirects cyberattacks (The New York Times)

Culture & Heartland

  • Convicted child sex abusers among 4,500 inmates freed from Illinois prisons (American Greatness)

  • Illinois churches sue after governor says religious services may not resume for up to a year (The Daily Wire)

  • Judge scolds, bars attorneys for high-school girls from describing trans athletes as “male” (The Daily Wire)

  • Justices to decide if religious schools can choose who teaches the faith (The Daily Signal)

Other Notables

  • Trump, RNC narrowly outraise Biden, Dems in April (Politico)

  • Mexico’s president calls for investigation into Barack Obama’s “Fast and Furious” (Bongino.com)

  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces parts of New York state could reopen Friday (The Hill)

  • MLB owners approve plan to start season in July without spectators (National Review)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Reconsidering decades of Western outreach to China (National Review)

  • Policy: No federal regulations can fix campuses saturated in terrible sex (The Federalist)

  • Satire: California allows churches to reopen as long as members drink blood of slain goat, renounce Christ (The Babylon Bee)

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