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Denial Ain't No River in Egypt

As the media deny or excuse violence, the rest of us are labeled as racists.

Roger Helle · Jun. 5, 2020

I was watching the news recently when a reporter for MSCBC was reporting on the rioting in the wake of the death of George Floyd. The reporter was telling viewers that the protests were mostly peaceful. As he was stating this, right behind him a building was totally engulfed in flames. He did acknowledge there were four fires in close proximity to him, but he repeated again as he skirted around several looters that for the most part the protests were peaceful.

I sat there looking at the TV asking myself what parallel universe he lives in. Other mainstream media also indicated that various protests were peaceful as buildings burned to the ground in a number of cities. The mayor of Minneapolis had his police officers abandon a police station so the “peaceful” protesters could come in and burn it down.

Not helping the situation were mayors of other cities around the nation accusing the president of throwing gasoline on the fire of the protesters’ rage every time he spoke. I’m assuming if you are a mayor of a leftist city somewhere and you want to be seen on TV, call the networks and tell them you hate Trump and you will find your 15 minutes of fame across the nation. Not helpful!

For a brief moment in time, 96% of the nation believed the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer was not justified and the officer should be punished. Then antifa thugs crawled out of their holes and put the focus on them. For the next several days it was amusing, and yet pathetic, to see leftists twist themselves into pretzels defending the protests and riots raging across the nation.

Showing how much they love this country, a number of Joe Biden’s campaign staff took to social media and raised money to pay the bail for those who had been arrested. A number of Hollywood morons… I mean celebrities, began doing the same. As law enforcement only arrests the most violent and destructive protesters, I’m sure those who had been beaten or had their businesses destroyed will appreciate that.

In our nation’s capital, protesters arrested for violence or destruction of property were released the next day so they could be back on the front lines, destroying the city by nightfall. Well played, mayor. People killed, policemen beaten and run over with vehicles, businesses and churches destroyed, monuments damaged/defaced, nothing spared because antifa hates America. But our media dutifully reports it because it supposedly makes the president look bad. And if it makes him look bad, that’s good for them.

The death of George Lloyd was a tragedy and for a moment the compassion of the nation was with his family. Then the Left once again brought out the tired old story: “America is a racist country.” Take the broad brush of racism and paint every police officer and everyone who is not like them with it as racists. Leftists are once again telling us who they are and what they want for the country. And it’s NOT good.

Something to think about?

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